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Growing your business through building community

Welcome to the Preferred Business Network (PBN), which seeks to be the premiere Zoom-based networking group for entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Front Range.

Don't miss our monthly virtual meeting, held on the 4'th Thursday of every month from 7:30-8:45.


Our Purpose

PBN is a group of entrepreneurs and small business owners who meet virtually once a month to provide support, encouragement and resources to help grow each other’s businesses and bring value to the local community.

Benefits of networking with PBN

  • Meet a wide range of other entrepreneurs and small business owners from across the Front Range

  • Foster and grow relationships that in turn can become referral partnerships which generate new business opportunities.

  • Have the opportunity to discuss and brainstorm business topics with a small group in breakout rooms.​

  • Opportunities to give a short presentation on your business. 

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