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About PBN and Our Events

About Preferred Business Network (PBNCS)

PBNCS is a group of small business owners who meet once a month to promote each others' businesses.  There are no membership dues, no membership attendance requirements and no restriction on the number of people from a given industry. However, we have learned that it is the people who attend regularly and do the 1-1’s that experience the most success.  By attending the event today, you will be added to the invitation list.  If you would rather not be invited again, let me know or just opt out when you receive the next invitation.  


RE: Network Marketers - MLM Businesses

This breakfast is not a venue for you to recruit the attendees.  You may talk about your product or service.  But many of the business owners are looking to grow their business and not seeking a new opportunity. If the business owner asks you about your business (not your products or services) you are free to talk with them about it. Recruiters will be asked to refrain from attending future PBNCS events.   

Speaker Criteria

Attendees may be booked as speakers after attending a minimum of four PBNCS events. If you are interested in presenting your business as a speaker, contact our speaker coordinator Marsha Rand for an application.  If you are new to the group and plan to attend regularly, you may schedule yourself tentatively for a future date.


As a speaker or host, we ask that you invite contacts from your database.  This helps everyone’s business to expand.  To speak, you receive 8-10 minutes of presentation time including Q&A. You are also required to donate a door prize valued between $15 and $25 (a gift certificate from your business is acceptable).  At the discretion of leadership, a speaker may be allocated 15-20 minutes if the topic is especially germane to the group.


Registration Policy

Members and attendees must register for each event to receive the zoom link to attend. You may register online and see all our upcoming events here. 

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